събота, 17 май 2008 г.


Christian Apostolov Lapchev
Rumen Dimitrov/ Popa

Milen Djanovski

Tzvetelina Maximova

Orphey Mindov

Rumen Rachkov / Darvesnia

Stefan Petkov
Nikolina Djanovska

There are places in Bulgaria untouched by the civilization, yet just a step away from us. If one hits such a place by chance, he could discover moving and impressive things, so strangely remote from the contemporary life-style.

We, a group of young artists, often rediscover the unique silent atmosphere, the beautiful and still human dimensions of all created by the nature and the hands of people long gone, in a deserted and forgotten hamlet in Tryavna mountainside called Dolni Duppini.

For a long time we find peace and inspiration in this cosy place and work in environment so detached from the modern life where we feel united by a common emotional sensation. Moved by our shared thoughts and ideas and inspired by this special place, we founded Duppini Group in 1999, seeking to form a creative community by attracting young in age and spirit intellectuals who pursue a new creativity and experiment. At the end of 2000 we also founded Dupini non-profit society.

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